Saturday, May 29, 2010


Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Wishing everyone a great summer!

photo: Shutters Fair Haven

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wicker wrapped demijohn found!

Perhaps my biggest yard sale find ever --- a vintage demijohn! This past Saturday, I snuck away from the Shutters sidewalk sale to venture out into the Fair Haven townwide yard sale. 200 houses participating. Obviously, I could only go to a few and I'm so glad I did. As I approached house number 8 - I saw it -! My thoughts - "No. It can't be?" "Why hasn't someone scooped that up?" "I bet its really expensive". Heart racing - I quickly pulled my car up and headed right towards it. Marked on masking tape was $10 ;-) (smiley face included). ONLY $10? Pottery Barn sells them for $99 - $279! I quickly paid and as I loaded her into the car I realized she was even full of treasures (shells, white seaglass, 2 ping pong balls and a little troll doll). Oh joy!

Here it is...

How big? See it next to Miss B...

Masking tape price tag...

View from top of demijohn...

Contents: lots of shells, white seaglass, 2 ping pong balls and troll doll...

Demijohns are hot in decor...

See top shelves...

Some "demijohn" information from Demijohns by Bob Parsons:

The purpose of the demijohn was for transport and storage of bulk liquids.

Most all demijohns were wrapped or encased in wicker to protect them from breakage during shipping.

Demijohns are bottles that have somewhat been ignored over the years and are now becoming popular especially as the colors and shapes become known. They are ideal focal points and attention grabbers for enhancing furniture and room settings. Like many other antique bottles placed on a table, shelf, or on a window sill they are very attractive. Interior decorators have shown interest and are starting to incorporate them in their business.

photographs: Pottery Barn, Coastal Living & Southern Living

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all....

Happy Mother's Day! I thought I would share Miss B's mother's day card. It made me laugh and cry.

This is a picture of me. She got the hair and hips just right ;-)

She had to fill in the blanks - it reads:

My Mommy's name is Jillie.

My Mommy is maybe 10 years old. But I really don't know.

Mommy has brown hair and it's curly. She looks like a teenager!

Mommy's job is to work on the office on the "puter".

Mommy likes to play with me.

Mommy's favorite food is bread.

Mommy likes when I play with her.

My favorite thing to do with Mommy is to go to Chuckie Cheeses.

I like when Mommy loves me!

Mommy always says I love you!

I love Mommy because she loves me!

Miss B's mother's day gift to Grandma

Friday, May 7, 2010

Far Hills VNA rummage sale!

RUN don't walk to the Far Hills, NJ VNA rummage sale! Borrow a truck and call in a sick day...really - it will be worth it. I attended my first Far Hills VNA rummage sale - New Jersey's oldest and largest - 75,000 square feet of tented goodies. It certainly won't be my last ;-) I was told while standing on lines (the only drawback) - that they also have another one in early October. Large white tents are organized (well-organized) by categories: furniture, toys, household, books, kitchen, vintage, costumes, holiday, arts/crafts/office, computers etc., etc. If you need it - it's there. Even if you don't need it - it's there! Anyone want to join me in October? Preferably a friend with a truck (smile)

Far Hills VNA rummage sale
Friday, May 7th & Saturday, May 8th: 9:30AM-3:30PM
Sunday, May 9th: 12:30-3:30PM
Far Hills Fairgrounds ~ Peapack Road, Far Hills, NJ 07931

(all rummage sale prep photos courtesy of Kathy Johnson - I was too crazed to stop to take photos - although I did get the shot of the cart of globes)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have been a bad blogger lately. We've been busy but nothing "blog-worthy" to report. Opening and cleaning outside porches...general "de-wintering" going on. I did squeeze in my chalkboard project. You might recall, that I found these sandwich boards at a garage sale. They were in the trash pile. I snatched them up - saved them from the landfill and made them into useful chalkboards. I plan on using them for Miss B's cowgirl party...announcing free pony rides ;-)

Reused and "upcycled" and practically "free" (except for the chalkboard paint).



Chalkboard paint going on...