Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cream & turquoise

It seems that everything I buy lately is cream and turquoise/light aqua. I justify the purchase and say that "it's for my "someday beach house." It reminds me of seaglass and well-loved, light beach cottages.

The realization came when I placed this adorable beat up vintage car ($2) on top of my $5 cream stool. The color combination simply makes me happy.

Here is my .25 cent aqua jar with a white azalea clipping. It sits on the windowsill above my sink. Amazing how only .25 cents can bring simple beauty.

Here are some pretty photographs that speak to me...aqua glass collection by Liz Williams Interiors (below)

chunky pale aqua frames filled with white stones ~ Liz Williams Interiors

Kitchen images ~ Brooks & Falotico
LOVE the aqua lighting, plate rack and the tv within the kitchen island