Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...Kathleen at Twig & Thistle

This blog-world stuff thrills me and here's why. Each year I have somehow been elected to create Oscar ballots for my boss's Academy Awards party. It's a small part of my very "diverse" job. I inwardly grumble about the task but secretly kind of love it. It allows for me to be somewhat creative. I usually create my own instead of using ballots from online. So, I completed this year's Oscar ballots and moved on UNTIL I came across Kathleen's blog, Twig & Thistle. There she has created two blog posts dedicated to a do it yourself Oscar party - complete with downloads. There are downloads for invitations, candy bag toppers, candy trays, fresh popcorn bags and YES a beautiful Oscar ballot! She just oozes style. Of course, I quickly purged my ballots and downloaded away. I simply added red and silver star brads to the ballot and the additional 6 categories which Kathleen left off due to space constraints. So, if you're having an Academy Award party this Sunday - head to Kathleen's blog right away. She makes me want to host a party next year. Below are some images of the Oscar ballots. The first is mine.

And the Oscar goes to...Kathleen at Twig & Thistle!

added red and silver star brads for Hollywood sparkle and to hold the ballot within the cover

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Falls Church said...

Very fun! Can I attend and wear my favorite ball gown? What time shall I plan on arriving to the red carpet?
xo - janine