Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wicker covered bottles

Little Miss B has been home sick two days in a row. So, this blog post is going to be short. We've been busy doing puzzles and playing make-up artist ;-) No time for extensive blogging.

I adore wicker covered bottles. I gravitate toward anything with texture. I have several bottles, my mother has some and my sister has oodles of them. They make for a wonderful collection. Enjoy the photos below. Bye for now.

wicker bottle collection on shelf surrounding our bath

wicker bottle collection on Grandma's kitchen counter (salt & pepper shaker too)

more wicker covered bottles at Grandma's

even more from Grandma's (she owns more than I thought)

large textured bottle from Shutters in Fair Haven (we all own one)

Blue Ocean Traders

source unknown

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