Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday party invitations of past...

To say that I have a thing for party invitations is an understatement. All party planning begins with them. They must be "themey", fun, reusable and cute. Here are some photos of birthday party invitations of past. Hope you enjoy.

Miss B turns "5" this October - already in the works is a "Cowgirl" themed party. Ideas for her invitation popping in my head ~ denim, bandanas, wheat.

Miss B's 1st birthday ~ A Pink Party.

How else could we celebrate Miss B's very first birthday?! Pink, pink and pink! Food and decor ALL pink. Attire "pink" (even the boys wore pink). For the invitation I used a paint sample strip from my local hardware store to list all details. The small paint can was purchased from The Container Store. It was wrapped in pink paper and simply labeled "pink". I used pink tulle and tied on the paint brush. My favorite extra detail - the dipped paint tip on the brush.

Within the "pink" paint can were pink M&Ms.

Miss B's 2nd birthday party ~ An ice cream party.

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ice cream! Chenille ice cream cones were purchased from Etsy. I LOVE that all the little girls could re-use them to play in their kitchens. Party details were simply tied on.

Miss B's 3rd birthday party ~ A Candy Party.

A candy-shaped tube - everyone brought their tube (invitation) to the party to fill with candy from the party's candy bar. 20 girls wired on sugar ~ wow! Crazy and LOUD! ;-)

Miss B's 4th birthday party ~ A Tea Party.

I usually don't do "just paper" invitations. As luck would have it our local fireman's fair got a brand new ride. TEA CUPS! I grabbed my camera and Miss B and starting clicking away.

Miss B posing with her tea party hat. Wad of gum in her cheeks for bribery (bad mommy!)

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Ashley the Expat said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I was planning a painting party but still wanted it to be girly-love your invitation ideas! I will be doing something similar.

Your daughter is soooo adorable, keep up the good work.