Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Guardian-garden angel

Tomorrow could very well be another snow day here in the Northeast. If so, I might not have time to do a blog post with Miss B home - so I'm adding one now.

My rusty lady was one of the final things I packed on my last move. At my prior home, she stood tucked in the woods. Just her, the trees and the random deer. I could watch her from my office window and did so often throughout the work day. She gave me some peace - even on a hectic day. She's now planted in the garden of our current home. Each morning, Miss B and I hit the stair landing and peer out through the window to see how she did overnight. She's become a part of our morning routine. At times, Miss B even says "good night" to her.

She's a part of our family and we include her in all the celebrations. For Miss B's "Cowgirl" party in October, she plans on holding a lasso. And of course she'll wear a cowgirl hat and a bandana around her neck.

holding pink balloons for Miss B's "Pink Party"

a bride for Maryrose & John's wedding

still standing after a snow storm (hang in there...Spring is almost here)

Below is where our Guardian-garden angel lives...

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