Friday, February 26, 2010

Scenes from the family room

Hi all. Well, once again the Northeast, Miss B and I are snowed in. It's coming on 4:00PM and we're still in our PJs. We've basically spent the entire day in the family room coloring, reading, watching TV and playing on the "puter". So, the blog for the day is "scenes from the family room" because we've been planted here for hours.

Greens, creams and lots of texture...

a corner of our family room ~ shutter screen for interest

a nook of our bookcase shelf ~ another miniature chair and fishing glass float with rope netting

side sitting area

this photo (source unknown) is not from our home ~ however, we do have these pillows scattered on our couches and chairs

wall basket - more texture

one of my favorite things~ a child sized chair for Miss B upholstered in coordinating fabric

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